another redwall session

my mate just came to town ! so we decided to make some pieces around PI. yes the redwall because at the first spot we were stop by security.

day 1
we just found out the pieces we went over is only 6 days sory guys ( i only noticed nasty2 piece) keep it up. the weather was so cloudy, we’re hoping not gonna rain. some of art’s friend came by, its his classmates at JIS. and yeah ofcourse art’s fans hahaha. its getting dark and we decided to continiou tomorrow. because we have to go to Hallomono.

day 2
we started early around 12 and the weather is so fakin fakin hot. and later on tutu came to join us. and we decided to make this looks like a production. so we did some background and stuff. kids askin for some cans, rain, raven, and art’s fans hahaha and we finished the stuff around 4! what a day but we really feels good.

click for bigger size (578kb)

and click here to see more photos

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