What happened?

Manchester United canceled their Asia tour agenda to Jakarta following the bomb incident that happened at one of the hotel where the elite team were due to stay in. The match scheduled for July 20th has been highly anticipated by Indonesian MU fans since months before and has inspired t-shirt street vendors to make a massive production of MU T-shirts and Jersey. Affected by the blasts and the team cancelation, the vendors lost a big amount of money and was unable to gain prospective consumers who was suppose to buy their T-shirt on the day of the match.

What is BOLBAL?

BOLBAL is a reproduction of a non-licensed MU T-shirt to help street vendors gain back their money. We buy the t-shirts from them and print #indonesiaunite logo on the reverse side of t-shirt to add new value of the unsold T-shirt so that now people can wear to help the others and at the same time showing that Indonesia people still can unite even in a bad situation.

The concept of BOLBAL.

Unlike the first bomb incident in JW Marriots on 2003, after having several attacks in the last few years, this last attacks did not cause people too be overwhelmed by the devastating terror. Indonesian people have learned how to overcome it, and even be more prepared and stronger in facing it. By wearing the BOLBAL T-shirt, we refer to a FLIP FLOP situation when we could be repeatedly attacked by devastating terror, fear, and failure but we can keep stand still. That we’re doing just fine as long as we’re united.

well here is my contribution for them, purely for charity
grab yours before its gone (only 50 pieces made)

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