kampai !

legendary very1 one from japan came to jakarta with his friends, the good ol spot

nsane5 – eater – ten – darbotz – very1 – wiser

click images for bigger enjoying pleasure


  1. movetwo says:

    wiw difatmawati yaa ini om?
    mantep abis aslinyaa saik hihih

  2. ten says:

    Nice! teremakashi~!!
    from:seha seha crew

  3. […] Posted by admin at May 1, 2011 in Production Tag NSANE5 Quick painting with Darbotz and Japanese writers Very 1, Eater, Ten 1, Wiser. *Click the picture to see big.NSANE5EATERTENDARBOTZVERY1WISER(Fullwall taken from Darbotz) […]

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