Kosmo Art Tour Jakarta Jammin’

Last December 4th, Indonesian and European street artists united to bomb one wall in Jakarta area. Lazoo, Kongo, Besok, Kims, Darbotz, Nsane5, Hest1, Older, Netic, Shake, Koma, Tutu and Wormo joined the force and beat the unbearable sunny day for the love of graffiti. Check out the before and after photos!

after 4 days

4 days after, when I passed by the exact same wall, the wall was still there but the historical graffiti is wiped out clean. I found out later that it was used for a brand’s promotional purpose. Next time you want to bomb a wall, better check the story behind the original wall first. You wouldn’t crush a diamond and coat it with gold; why would you destroy a work of art? Street artist’s artworks are displayed on the streets and for the streets. Respect the art, the culture and the people.

Photos courtesy of Kosmopolite.
Words by NR.

post taken from sub cult


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