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another session with wormo, nsane5, and wave
its been a while..one of the busiest street in jakarta, fatmawati rolling door

click here for more photos

and oh yeah HAPPY HOLIDAY everyone!


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another project finish at the end of 2007. i had a chance to apply cumi to one of the badass mofo in town. the brandals ! yep not just because the vocalist is my colleague but i like the band from the beginning, the raw rockabilly bollocks. im telling you..they are real, they are real "brandals".

www.brandalisme.com and their myspace
click here to see the full look of the album

new species

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Publisher Page One Publishing
Price S$ 49.90
ISBN - 13 978-981-245-488-1
Pages 200 pp
Size 280 mm x 210 mm
Edition Hard-cover

Book Description:

They are everywhere: from toys to fashion wear, character designs are so ubiquitous they are now a new species among us. New Species: Contemporary Character Design Made In Asia presents 22 of Asia’s contemporary character designers whose works have won over many in Asia.

Hailing from countries as disparate as Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore, the designers share their thoughts on the phenomenon through insightful interviews that reveal how they work from inspiration to creations.

The book also features fascinating interviews with the characters themselves, revealing their charismatic personalities, the chief factor behind their cult status. Colourful spreads of photos and artwork demonstrate how these creations have so successfully leapt off the computer screen and paper to spawn toys, accessories and other merchandise.

Faesthetic issue 7 DOOMSDAY

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