weird night was a freakin weird session. went out from home at 11 pm..picked up graver and met wormo at 12 pm..went to the panglima polim rolling door. some punks passed and ask some cans. and police officer running from his car and yelled “STOP! DONT RUN!” like they gonna catch some criminals..hahahahaha..we stunned and just saw him running like whoa..what the fuck did he do. so we bullshited him about what we’re doin..gave him some 50.000 rupiah ( around 6$) and yeaaa..we continued the session. and that drunk punks came back again to hang out with us..asked for some cans and started vandalised everything they could find. ended up kinda messy stuff around 4 am…what a night…click here for more photos from the flick.

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