L’art du graffiti

Exhibition “The Art of Graffiti: 40 years of Pressurism” that will be held until the August 19th in the Diaghilev Space of the Grimaldi Forum.

The collector Alain-Dominique GALLIZIA who is the source of this exhibition, shared his passion for this free art, this gift art, throughout 500 art works: “By Pressurism, I mean the pressure of the spray can, the pressure of the street, the pressure of the public forces. The graffiti brings colors to the city, it isn’t vandalism but it is an art to itself that is worth being discovered, judged worthwhile and respected.” From the collection “Love” to the collection “Vintage”, these colors and shapes embody the art of dance, more specifically hip-hop. The Graffiti is more than ever a up to date!

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