Another international event is gonna held in Indonesia by Drips N Drops ! This time it’s the famous Just Writing My Name graffiti jam sponsored by Montana Cans Germany.
After the first appearance in Asia 4 years ago in Bangkok, Thailand. Now it will be held in Jakarta, in October 28th. Not only inviting the well known writers in Indonesia there will be PHBKLK representing Malaysia.

The line up is :
Darbotz, Koma (Artcoholic), Tuyuloveme (GU), Racht4 (FAB), Muth (Artcoholic), Nsane5 (MASE Crew,MAC), Cheztwo (FAB), Tutu (MASE Crew), Wormo (TOTER Crew), Older+ (FAB), Kum Kum (MUTE), Nsideone (EVE Crew,GU), Stereoflow (FAB), PHBKLK.

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